Livelihood Enhancement Livelihood Enhancement

Livelihood Enhancement


Livelihood Enhancement of the underprivileged communities by improving existing economic activities is another important area for the CSR initiatives of the Dharampal Satyapal Limited.

The Company has identified Agriculture and Livestock management as prime initiatives under its CSR ambit. Presently, three projects are being implemented under this initiative in the three districts of Rajasthan; Dungarpur, Jhalawar and Sikar.


Manthan project focuses on improving the economic status of farmers by providing veterinary services and inputs in livestock management for better milk production and subsequently better price realization through available market linkages. The project was started in 2014 and reaches out to 78 villages of Rajasthan; 48 in Dungarpur and 30 in Sikar district.

The Company identified 1140 Champion Farmers for smooth implementation of the project. With 740 in Dungarpur and 400 in Sikar, the Company is working with these farmers on improved management practices to ensure sustainable higher milk production at village level.

In Dungarpur, the company is providing regular veterinary services which includes vaccination, treatment camps, door helpline services, castration services, infertility camps etc. to improve the health conditions of cattle. The livestock assistants are also conducting artificial insemination to improve the breed of cattle. In Sikar apart from regular veterinary services, the Company is improving the cattle feed by providing special feed (dry phase) and mineral mixture along with other technical inputs in azola cultivation, etc.

Promotion of Agricultural and Horticulture for Advancement of Livelihoods, Surata, Dungarpur (PAHAL)

Promotion of Agricultural and Horticulture for Advancement of Livelihoods Program at Surata Gram Panchyat, Dungarpur District in Rajasthan was initiated with a goal to build a sustainable village model by empowering local communities through addressing their concerns and capacity building in multiple aspects of their life.

The primary occupation of the tribal community at Surata, is Agriculture along with Livestock management. To empower the 89% of the un-electrified households of the district, an off grid solar power system was provided to more than 900 families of the area and they were encouraged to get electricity connections through existing government schemes.

100 Wadi (vegetable cultivation farm) were constructed to improve their economic condition. The farmers were supported in various activities like cultivation of seasonal vegetables, drip irrigation, improved agriculture practices with better seeds and to improve the infrastructure of the local institutions. It was also observed that due to the initiatives undertaken, the farmers were able to get an additional income of Rupees 30,000/- annually.

Increasing Income of Farmers in Jhalawar

DSL is working with coriander growing farmers to build their capacity through improved cultivation practices and post harvest processing technology for better crop yield and price realization in Jhalawar, Rajasthan.

Under the project, a sorting and grading unit was installed at Sareri village, Manohar Thana block, Jhalawar district has now been handed over to the farmers. The project is also helping farmers to market the produce directly to industrial buyers, leading to better prices realization for them.

Rubber Tappers Training Program

A rubber tappers’ training program was undertaken to enhance the skills of the tribals in Tripura in scientific latex extraction, which increases the rubber yield and minimizes the damage to the rubber plant. A total of 17 training programs were organized in which, approximately 411 unskilled and semi skilled rubber tappers were trained. Post the training, an improvement in average income increased by 60.74% comparatively.

Singpho Eco Lodge

The ‘Singpho Eco Lodge’ was constructed in 2009 by the Singpho community with assistance from the DS Group in Inthong village, Magherita. This project was undertaken by the DS Group to generate employment for the Singpho tribal community to make them self reliant and financially independent.