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DS Group embarked on its journey of brand creation with the introduction of BABA, marking a pioneering step into the world of branded tobacco products. BABA quickly earned its reputation for premium quality and refined taste, becoming a household name in its category. Renowned for its pleasing aroma, the inclusion of saffron and silver flakes, BABA has set global benchmarks for quality, always enriched with the finest natural ingredients. Among our distinguished offerings, BABA 600 stands as the epitome of chewing tobacco luxury, unrivaled in its exotic nature and revered as the most expensive chewing tobacco in the world. Meanwhile, BABA 160 and BABA 120 continue to dominate the Indian chewing tobacco market with their premium offerings, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. BABA chewing tobacco is available in a variety of enticing flavors and user-friendly packaging, ensuring a delightful and convenient experience for our discerning consumers.

In our pursuit of crafting exceptional tobacco products, we introduced Tulsi Royal Zafrani Zarda, an epitome of premium chewing tobacco. Renowned for its perfect flavor, lingering aroma, and exquisite taste, Tulsi Royal Zafrani Zarda has rightfully earned its place as the first choice for tobacco aficionados. To cater to diverse preferences, it is available in three distinct variants: "0," "00," and "000." At DS Group, we take pride in our commitment to delivering the highest quality and the most refined experiences, ensuring that every moment spent with our brands is nothing short of extraordinary.

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