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  • First to offer saffron flavoured chewing tobacco in the world
  • First to launch 100% herbal mouth freshener - Pass Pass
  • First to launch branded chewing tobacco in India in metal packaging
  • First in India to bottle natural spring water which has been awarded NSF certification from FDA, US: a hallmark of quality and purity
  • First and only chewing tobacco company in India to get ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • First to introduce soda processed with natural spring water
  • First to launch free flowing salt in revolutionary table top rotatory dispensers in India
  • First to introduce zero calorie tonic water
  • First to introduce electronically beaten finest malleable silver foils in India
  • First to introduce 100% biodegradable, composite can packs which are pilfer proof, rust proof and leak proof using brine and through vaccuum evaporation process for food products
  • First to introduce various kinds of spices in one-time use packaging