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DS Group ventured into the Farm Fresh segment through OvinO where it strives to make the freshest dairy and daily necessities available to customers, sourced directly from the farms to your homes.

OvinO commits fully to care of Environment, Employees and most importantly its Customers beyond set standards. It ensures humane treatment of animals, strongly opposes hormonal treatment to bolster production, provides balanced feed and ensures leisurely life of animals.

The brand builds upon DS Group‘s legacy of quality and amplifies it with unparalleled attention to detail, be it in product sourcing or customer experience. From the moment of sourcing to the delivery, every step is transparent, ensuring you know precisely what you are consuming and how it was produced. The brand currently offers Farm Fresh A2 Cow Milk in premium patented Glass Bottles.

Single-Origin food is the best in class, particularly because of its unique flavour and higher quality, which is more sustainable and traceable to the place where it is produced. A2 milk refers to milk that contains only the A2 beta-casein protein, which some people believe is easier to digest.

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