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Founded in 1962, Läderach is known for its recipes that blend classic notes with modern aspirations. A truly indulgent experience in gourmet chocolates, Läderach are delicately fashioned artisanal chocolates that are an amalgamation of passion and craftsmanship of chocolatiers par finesse. A paragon of flavour, each chocolate is made with the freshest of ingredients selected carefully and produced exclusively in Switzerland to guarantee premium quality.


Le Marche

Le Marche is a complete food store. It has a wide range of products ranging from the basic, everyday groceries like staples and spices to exotic imports from across the globe. The extensive meats section has a wide range of fresh and marinated meats, poultry and seafood, among other products. It has 6 stores across the Delhi NCR region.

Le Marche Luxury Retail


L’Opéra is a high-end, authentic pastry, bakery house and Salon de Thé, specializing in French products in India. Inspired by the quintessential French ‘Salon de Thé’, L’Opéra is setting a new trend in the Indian market for high-end culinary offerings.

L’Opéra Luxury Retail