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Pass Pass

Pass Pass, was DS Group’s definitive diversification into the mouth freshener category. Launched in 1999, Pass Pass is a modern brand with its roots in the centuries old Indian tradition of ‘mukhwaas.’ This tradition has continued through generations, and evolving timelines.

Indian households have one box which has fennel, cardamom seeds, mishri, sugar coated balls etc. In earlier times, mukhwaas was sold loose and every state had its own rendition. DS Group with its expertise in understanding the Indian taste palette, leveraged its strong suit in flavours, fragrances and blending to come out with a one of its kind brand that offered the essence of the tradition in a modern format which ensured quality and consistency in taste. Pass Pass celebrates togetherness through its refreshing taste and flavours meant to be shared with loved ones.

Pass Pass was introduced in convenient zipper pouches and sachet format to make it more convenient and accessible for everyone to try out its fresh new flavours. With its fun, sleek, and convenient fliptop packaging introduced in 2000, Pass Pass took its range of mouth fresheners to a whole new level of popularity and familiarity.

The packaging has continued to evolve and the brand continued to garner love of more and more people in India. With philosophy of “raho hamesha pass pass” it is now a symbol of rejuvenation and inclusivity, which is also a people magnet. Most importantly, it is not just the philosophy that captures people’s attention, but the refreshing taste of the mouth freshener itself is what people love and enjoy.

Pass Pass offers a diverse range of four unique flavours: Meetha Magic, Mint, Frutti Bits and Katha

Pass Pass

Pass Pass is the mouth freshener that always charms with its taste and fragrance, encouraging a lively conversation anytime, anywhere.

Since its inception, Pass Pass has encouraged consumers to experience the joy of togetherness. With its delectable blend of ingredients and flavours coming together, this brand inspires togetherness and has built an equity as India's preferred after mint.

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From the sweet, cooling taste of Mishri and Khajoor to the aromatic and tasteful zest of Saunf and Elaichi, Pass Pass successfully combines India’s choicest delights for a mouth-watering experience that is truly worth savouring.

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Pass Pass Meetha Magic

Pass Pass Meetha Magic takes pride in its extraordinary recipe, carefully crafted with an exquisite assortment of precisely selected ingredients. At the heart of this delectable mouth freshener lies a symphony of flavors that harmoniously blend to create an unparalleled taste experience. Indulge in the perfect balance of sweetness derived from sugar, the aromatic allure of fennel, and the rich succulence of dates. This delightful treat also features sugar-coated colored fennel and vibrant sugar balls, adding a playful crunch and a burst of colors.

Pass Pass Mint

Pass Pass Mint is crafted with utmost care, blending a mesmerizing fusion of handpicked ingredients that form the essence of this refreshing delight.

Sugar sets the foundation, infusing the mouth freshener with its delicate sweetness. Fennel lends its aromatic charm, creating a captivating symphony for the senses. Dates contribute their luscious richness, while grated desiccated coconut adds a delightful tropical twist. Melon seeds provide a satisfying crunch, perfectly complemented by the earthy essence of coriander seeds. Lastly, cardamom seeds introduce a hint of warmth and complexity, weaving their magic into this minty masterpiece.

Pass Pass Frutti Bits

Pass Pass Frutti Bits combines the sweetness of sugar blends seamlessly with fennel's aromatic notes. Glazed fruit offers a tantalizing chewiness, while dates contribute natural succulence. Pass Pass is adorned with sugar-coated colored fennel and vibrant sugar balls, creating a playful treat. Silver leaf-coated sugar balls add elegance and shimmer. Delicate rose flowers infuse a floral undertone, while silver leaf-coated small cardamom provides an exotic hint of spice.

Pass Pass Katha

Pass Pass Katha is meticulously crafted, combining premium ingredients to perfection and indulging it with the lusciousness of dates. The texture comes alive with the incorporation of sugar boiled confectionery, providing a delightful mouthfeel and an irresistible burst of sugary delight. A refreshing touch is added with the inclusion of fennel, while the unique earthy flavor of catechu leaves a lasting impression. The delightful crunch of melon seeds is complemented by the subtle tanginess of lime and aromatic cardamom seeds.

Pass Pass Dining Table Pack

Experience the delight of the Dining Table Pack, a thrilling fusion designed to refresh your palate after a meal. It's the ideal accompaniment for a memorable dining experience with friends and family along the goodness of natural ingredients in a brand-new, vibrant packaging. Explore our exhilarating flavors - Sweet Magic Mix, Minty Mix, Frutti Mix, and Saunf Delight Mix, and revel in the joy of togetherness with the complete range of Pass Pass.

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