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Pass Pass Chingles

DS Group launched Chingles in the Indian confectionery market in 2011. It offers chewing gums best known for its refreshing flavours and superior quality. The brand established itself as a go-to choice for consumers seeking a delightful and flavourful chewing gum. Chingles brought forth some refreshing flavours like mint and tutti fruti.

Chingles also stood out with its distinctive compact pellets, offering a convenient and enjoyable chewing gum experience. With its consistent flavour delivery and long-lasting freshness, the brand has garnered tremendous love over the years.

Chingles established itself as a trusted and popular brand in the competitive confectionery landscape through effective marketing strategies, and a strong distribution network. Through catchy jingles, engaging visuals, and memorable taglines, Chingles built a strong brand recall and connected with its target audience.

Chingles Maxi

A perfect pocket size companion for long-lasting freshness that goes on and on, Chingles Maxi packs a punch unlike any other with its Mint and Tutti-Frutti flavours. Each flavor is carefully crafted to provide a burst of taste, delivering a delightful experience.

Chingles Maxi is not just about satisfying the taste buds, it's about elevating moments of enjoyment in daily life. It works on so many levels as it is great for anyone who wants to freshen their breath, combat stress, or simply indulge in a flavorful break – Chingles Maxi is the perfect companion.

Chingles Filz

Chingles Filz, is the centre filled chewing gum for an extra dose of refreshing mint taste. It brings the kind of freshness that awakens the spirit – it’s the ultimate chewing gum experience that takes refreshment to the next level. It is an explosion of minty freshness with every chew.

Chingles Filz is not your ordinary chewing gum – it is a liquid filled spearmint flavoured gum with a dash of flavour and flair of freshness complementing the liquid filling, providing an enriching and wholesome feel. Each piece of Chingles Filz encapsulates the perfect blend of taste and rejuvenation, leaving behind an unmistakable spark of mischief and joy.

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