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Education is one of the core thematic areas of the DS Group’s CSR initiatives.

Elementary education for tribal and urban slum children, both non school going and dropouts and alternative education for the government school children encompasses company’s education initiative.


Creativity Adda, Delhi

Creativity Adda, is a concept introduced at the Commercial Senior Secondary School and Anglo Sanskrit Victoria Jubilee Senior Secondary School, New Delhi, where students are the co-creators and designers of their own learning. The concept was developed as a free learning space where a child is able to identify and explore his interest and ability to design his learning path through available activities ranging from computer base learning to traditional art to sports, which is in continuation with the Group’s efforts and initiatives towards skill development, social entrepreneurship and education. It is a space where school-going children have freedom to pursue and develop their interests without textbooks, exams, or marks and has learning facilities as in Music, Art and Dance Academy, Slow Food Junior Chef Academy, Sports and Fitness Hub, Community Media Lab and Maker Space; here they collaborate with each other and undertake practical experiments and initiate real world projects and interact with diverse people around the city. They are provided exposure and guidance into new and different ways of living holistically.

School Infrastrucutre Improvement and Creatiivty Adda, Dungarpur

The concept of Creativity Adda, an after school learning program, of co-curriculum activities ranging from computer learning to sports to traditional art by the trained facilitators has been extended to Senior Secondary School of Village Surata in Dungarpur District, Rajasthan. The process of learning is creative where children are encouraged to learn the skills while understanding its application to address the problems faced by the society. Started in May 2018, currently 87 children have been enrolled for the program.

The project is being supported by the Dharampal Satyapal Sons Pvt. Ltd.

Educational Support Centre (ESC) Agra and Lucknow

The ESCs are designed to support the non school going students in morning session and school going students in the afternoon session to supplement the quality of education, as the poor parents are not able to pay for additional tutorials for their children that lead to poor performance and hence drop out of schools. The objective of the project is to promote effective quality education for children living in slums of Agra and Lucknow. Dharampal Satyapal Limited is running 11 Educational Support Centres; 5 centres in Agra and 6 centres in Lucknow.

The remedial education option being organized by the project helps to improve the academic performance of students in their school and reduce school dropouts. Around 602 students of which, around 57% are girls have been enrolled in 11 centres.

Improving Quality of Education among Tribals

DS Sons Private Limited is running 10 satellite education centres to supplement the educational training among Sahariya Adivasi Children of Sheopur district in Madhya Pradesh at the primary school level by supplementing the teaching, they receive at the Government schools. Around 500 children have enrolled in these schools from eight villages, of which around 69% are from Sahariya tribal community and rest are from other backward groups.

Promoting Elementary Education

Education Centre

DS Spiceco is running three Education Centres in the slums of Noida in sectors 10, 31 and 12-22, where the number of non-school going children is very high. To accommodate the non-school going children, the centres run two shifts comprising of twenty children in each morning and afternoon sessions. The objective of these centres is to train the younger non-school going children so that they can get admitted into formal schools and ensure minimal drop outs. At present there are 120 children in these three centres. The project has been running for a year now in two centres at Sector 10 and Sector 31 and has helped many children get enrolled into formal school. A new centre at Sector 12-22 has come up in March 2019. It has also brought about a change in the attitude of the parents who are sending their children to these Centres. The project is executed through a local NGO.

Improving Learning Outcomes, Dungarpur

Project ‘Improving Learning Outcomes’ commenced in August 2015 at Bichhiwara Block in Dungarpur District of Rajasthan in partnership with a local NGO to work towards bridging the learning gaps of children across the schooling spectrum. The program was supported by Dharampal Satyapal Sons Pvt. Ltd., and has reached out to 2,685 children through three interventions.