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Pass Pass Pulse

Pass Pass Pulse is one of the most remarkable achievement in DS Group’s diverse portfolio.

Pulse is a market leader in the hard-boiled candy segment that is a triumph of Indian confectionery. It combines delightful fruity flavours with a surprising tangy core, creating a truly unique and unforgettable experience. The candy is a testament to DS Group‘s expertise in understanding the Indian taste palette.

The group ventured into the hard-boiled candy segment in 2015 with the introduction of Pulse which quickly became popular and sought-after confections in the country, reaching Rs.100 crore milestone within 8 months of launch.

The candy‘s distinctive tangy flavours appeal to people of all ages, and it has been praised by consumers and industry experts alike.

The concept of ‘‘Pulse candy‘‘ originated from kachcha aam (raw mango), a sour fruit traditionally enjoyed during summers alongside a dried tangy masala (spice mix), which elevates the fruit‘s flavour profile. DS Group embraced this cultural tradition and successfully launched ‘‘Pass Pass Pulse,‘‘ reintroducing Indian culture in a branded and innovative form.

Pulse takes pride in its unique flavour combinations, consistently leaving people yearning for more. The candies are meticulously manufactured with the utmost precision and care, employing only the finest ingredients to guarantee an exceptional experience with each bite.

Furthermore, the brand‘s ‘‘Pran Jaye Par Pulse Na Jaye‘‘ themed communication is effectively conveyed through a series of quirky and humorous television commercials, skilfully underscoring the brand‘s philosophy. Consequently, the brand‘s popularity has surged, and people have developed a strong affection for it. For an impressive seven-year span, Pulse has remained India‘s leading candy choice.

Pulse Candy

The hard-boiled candy with a tangy twist, Pulse has become a national favorite with exceptional fruit flavors combined with a tangy core that’s driving consumers to love it. Pulse offers a diverse range of five unique flavours: Kaccha aam, Guava, Orange, Pineapple, and Litchi. Each flavor of Pulse Candy is a unique and delicious experience. From the sweet and tangy taste of Kachcha Aam (raw mango) to the refreshing burst of Orange, there is a Pulse Candy flavor for everyone to enjoy.

Pulse Shots

Pulse Shots are the perfect candy for people who want a quick and exciting explosion of flavor and tanginess. These bite-sized candies are packed with the delicious taste of kachcha aam (raw mango) and a tangy center fill that will tantalize your taste buds. The center fill adds an extra layer of excitement, as it slowly releases its tangy goodness.

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