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Catch Masala & Beverages by DS Group

DS Group is driven by a philosophy of innovation, constantly seeking opportunities to address consumer’s preference and needs. The DS Group introduced the new-age, ready-to-use free flow salt and pepper in trendy sprinklers in March 1987, under the brand name Catch. The Group identified the need gap that in a tropical country like India, salt often formed lumps if kept open. These salt and pepper sprinklers were designed to provide a sophisticated and convenient approach to table-top condiments. The unique HIPS container kept the spice moisture-free, and the easy dispensing technique ensured a free flow of the seasoning. This was a reflection of the modern approach to provide quality in a more contemporary format.

These innovative table-top sprinklers were followed by the launch of Catch Spices in 1991, Catch Natural Spring water in 1999, Catch beverages in 2001 and Catch clear flavoured drinks in 2003.

Today, the brand represents a testament to the core principles that propel the organization forward: innovation, unparalleled excellence, integrity, transparency, and an unwavering dedication to its esteemed customers. With an impressive presence in the industry spanning almost thirty years, Catch Spices has become synonymous with households across the nation, holding a significant position.

Catch Spices & Salts

Kitchen Range

Catch Single/Straight Masala & Spices

Indian cuisines are well-known across the world for their rich flavor, aroma, variety and taste. These spices from the range of DS Group’s portfolio gives a rich flavor and aroma which have been an integral part of Indian culinary for ages. Moreover, most of the spices are known to hold medicinal and therapeutic properties. All these factors make Straight Spices from Catch an integral part of daily Indian cooking. These spices are made from high-quality raw materials, ground to perfection using Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) technology that brings the right flavor, color, and aroma to a variety of dishes.

Catch Masala Mixed Spices & Blends

Catch Mixed Spices by DS Group made with high quality whole spices, ground and blended together to perfection, to yield an exciting and aromatic mix that brings the right flavor, color and taste to a variety of dishes. This Indian culinary practice of preparing a blend of spices dates back to ancient times; keeping the tradition alive – Blends by Catch offer a range of mixed spices for the varied and rich Indian delicacies.

Catch Cooking Pastes

Ginger, Garlic, Tamarind are all key ingredients to Indian food especially gravies. While, they are readily available in most regions of the country, they require a high degree of processing (peeling, cutting, grating etc.) before they are ready to put into the pan for cooking. Catch Cooking Pastes, introduced by DS Group, aimed at cutting down your cooking preparation time drastically. The range of pastes is thick, grainy and natural and will add the desired flavor and texture to your host of gravies and other dishes.

Catch Whole Spices

Catch Whole spices by DS Group gives you the best of taste, flavour and aroma as they are sourced from the prime spice growing regions. Whole spices do not go through the grounding process and retains most of its original qualities, these are cleaned using stringent processes to make them free from impurities. They are guaranteed not only to be pure, but also to delight your palate with their taste and aroma.

Catch Hing (Asafoetida)

Hing (Asafoetida) is widely used in cooking across India for its aroma and medicinal properties such as soothing stomach ailments, most importantly for better digestion for all. Catch Hing allows you to make your food tasty and healthy, making it a must have for your kitchen.

Table Top Range

Catch Herbs & Flakes

Catch Herbs & Flakes range includes a host of exotic ingredients which can add magical flavor and texture to your dishes. Catch offers 100% Freeze Dried Herbs which reach you with its original color texture and flavors. Catch Flakes add crunch and flavour to your dishes and help you create exciting variations in already prepared food.

Catch Grinders

Presenting the first in class Ceramic Spice Grinder Heads by Catch. Freshly ground seasoning imparts an explosion of flavours to every dish. The different variants of Catch grinders add suitable flavours to the dishes to delight family and friends. Catch Grinders come with a special ceramic grinding head, which ensures uniform and smooth grinding along with focused flow on to your dish.

Catch Gold & Silver Leaves

Catch Leaves by DS Group is a pioneering product that introduced the first-ever mechanized beaten silver and gold leaves in India. These edible silver and gold leaves, also known as vark, have been used in traditional Indian cuisine and culture for centuries, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to sweets and desserts.

Traditionally, silver and gold leaves were beaten by hand using a small hammer, which was a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. Catch Leaves revolutionized this process by introducing a mechanized beating system, which allowed for faster and more efficient production of high-quality silver and gold leaves.

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Hygienically produced and 100% vegetarian, Catch Silver and Gold leaves are available in booklet shapes of 8 different sizes and are packed in airtight bags to avoid environmental damage.

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Catch Sprinklers - Table Top Condiment Dispensers

Catch pepper and salt by DS Group marked its debut in the table top dispenser category in the year 1987. The product was launched as a response to the then common grievance of table salt becoming soggy during monsoons leading to clogged salt dispensers. Catch has continued its market leadership in this category and has now expanded its range of innovative and highly convenient condiment dispensers that turn every dish into a treat.

Catch Beverages

Catch Water

Emerging from the finest and most pristine natural source, the journey begins in glacial mountains, where the water imbibes beneficial minerals over years of slow filtration through layers of underground rock. This water is then bottled at the state-of-the-art facility, retaining its natural composition. DS Group’s Catch natural mineral water is available in various sizes and different packaging based on market needs.

Catch Carbonated Beverages

Mixers: A fine range of mixers to take your bar up a notch! Club Soda, Classic Indian Tonic and Ginger Ale are perfect for direct consumption or as an accompaniment to your favourite spirits.

Clear: A combination of sparkling spring water and natural fruit flavours that is low in calories and high on taste. Catch Clear is available in Lemon ‘n’ Lime, Peach, Black Currant and Green Apple.

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Spring: A range of carbonated beverages made from spring water, as a healthier alternative to the standard orange, lemon and cola drinks. With the addition of typical Indian flavours like Shikanji Masala and Jira Digestive, the carbonated beverages have something for everyone.

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Catch Juice Beverages

‘Catch Juice Beverages’ by DS Group are a range of tantalising, juicy beverages. Strawberry Juice was introduced for the first time in India along with nine other exciting variants i.e. Mango, Apple, Lychee, Guava, Sweet Lime, Orange, Multi Fruit, Fresh Lime and Pink Lemonade. The state of Art facility in the Himalayas ensures freshness till the last drop.

Catch has taken the soft beverage segment one step further by introducing a range of sparkling juice beverages’. It is currently available in Strawberry, Apple and Orange flavour. The carbonation adds that extra fizz in every sip!

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With a large portfolio of juice beverages, the next natural step was to bring ‘100% fruit juices’ into the market. Catch 100% fruit juice is available in Strawberry, Apple, Sweet Lime, Pineapple and Orange. With no preservatives, no added sugar and original taste, the natural flavour of fruit will leave you wanting more!

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