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Since 1929

The DS Group (Dharampal Satyapal Group) is a Multi-Business Corporation and one of the leading FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) conglomerate with strong Indian and International presence. Founded in the year 1929, it is an inspiring and successful business story that blends a remarkable history and legacy with visionary growth. The Group continues to build successful brands across diverse business categories to delight the consumers, while the undeterred pursuit for ‘Quality & Innovation’ ensures consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

Guided by a clear set of values and built on a strong foundation of collective good, Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the Group’s business objectives. The Group works on projects across the country to achieve this objective with a focus on critical areas such as Water, Livelihood and Education. These initiatives have a transformational impact on communities. Active participation from stakeholders is sought, while creating awareness and during the implementation to ensure long term sustainability of the projects. Future-focused, the Group has been steadily expanding its ‘green’ initiatives, including Energy and Water Conservation, to reflect its response to what the world needs and its own role as a committed corporate citizen.

The Group’s portfolio is extensive and diverse with presence in Mouth Freshener, Food and Beverage, Confectionery, Hospitality, Agri, Luxury Retail, Tobacco businesses and also has other investments. Starting from the core business of Flavours and Fragrances, the first step was creation of a masterpiece, ‘BABA’, India’s first branded chewing tobacco. That was the beginning of the success story and since then it has maintained its market leadership in the chewing tobacco segment with brands ‘BABA’ and ‘Tulsi’.

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The Mouth Freshener brand, ‘Rajnigandha’ is an undisputed leader in the industry. Passion for perfection has been a central premise of the brand since its inception. In the true tradition of excellence, ‘Rajnigandha’ has been cherished by patrons and connoisseurs for decades. ‘Mastaba’, ‘BABA Black Supari’ and ‘BABA Supari’ further enhance the Mouth Freshener portfolio.

Catch Salts & Spices has been the vanguard of Indian spices market, adapting tradition and bringing innovation at every step. One of the premium F&B brands of the country today, Catch offers a wide range of Salts, Spices, Sprinklers, Cooking Pastes, Grinders and Beverages. ‘Catch’ is also the nation’s first ‘Natural Spring Water,’ bottled at the source in Himalayas. From water to soda, flavoured water to juices and tonic water to ginger ale, Catch offers a vivid spectrum of beverages. ‘Ksheer’ the premium dairy brand has a product basket of Cow Ghee, Desi Ghee, Fresh Milk, Chaach, Lassi, Dahi, Paneer, Khoya, Flavoured milk, Dairy Whitener and Creamer.

‘Pass Pass’ encompasses a broad portfolio of pioneering products in the Confectionery business. ‘Pass Pass Chingles’ covers the chewing gum assortment and ‘Pass Pass Pulse,’ the leader in the hard boiled candy segment offers a unique experience of a fruity taste that peaks with a tangy surprise at the core. ‘Maze’ a hard boiled liquid filled candy with crunchy caramel crust packed with taste of real coffee inside, ‘FRU’ the soft chew fruit jelly, ‘Rajnigandha Pearls’, the saffron blended, silver coated cardamom seeds; ‘BABA Elaichi’ and ‘Tulsi Royal Khajoor Plus’ further augment the Group’s Confectionery basket.

The Agri business encompasses the brands ‘Nature’s Miracle’ and ‘Birthright’, which grow fresh fruits and vegetables by using the cutting-edge farming technology, Hydroponics. ‘Birthright’, also has first of its kind and the largest garden Centre for exotic and ornamental plants in India, sourced from across the globe.

The Group has ‘Namah’ at Jim Corbett National park, ‘The Manu Maharani’ in Nainital, ‘Radisson Blu’ in Guwahati, ‘Crowne Plaza’ in Jaipur and ‘Holiday Inn Express’ at the Kolkata Airport. Well -known retail brands ‘Le Marche’ and ‘L’ Opera’ mark the Group’s presence in Luxury Retail. The Rubber Thread brand, ‘Unitexx’, Rigid Packaging brand ‘Canpac’ and a Flexi Packaging unit for laminates and pouches are the other areas of Interest of the Group.

A story that began from a small shop in Chandni Chowk, Delhi has now become a saga of success, spanning over nine decades of excellence. From humble beginnings to turning into a well-founded multi-diversified conglomerate, the DS Group is a legend of determination and perseverance.

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To be a leading quality & innovation driven global conglomerate.

Innovation: Creative, Out of box thinking, doing things in newer, better, cost effective & efficient way.


We are constantly striving to achieve excellence in all our endeavors to create sustainable value for our stakeholders and the community at large.

Excellence: State of Superiority in virtue with respect to Product or Service
quality and Touch Point Management.
Value: Creating tangible benefit, both financial & non- financial.
Stakeholders: Investors, Bankers & Financial Institutions, Consumers, Channel
Partners; Supplier & Business Partners. Employees, Regulatory Bodies and Government.

Our Core Values

Empathy, Sympathy & Compassion: Humane, Caring, Thoughtful, Tolerant and listens to people

Mutual Trust & Respect: Belief in self, team, system, business partners, customers. High value to feelings and emotions of people.

Transparency: Fairness in all actions and communications dealing with employees & stake holders

Openness: Encourage honest feed back, patient hearing to negatives, communicate bad news quickly, promote truthfulness

Honesty & Integrity: Financial honesty, Ethical behavior, Fair practice, Commitment, Non-opinionated & unbiased commenting on issues.

Relationship: Creating an environment, which would perpetuate harmonious associations with employees, associates, partners and other stake holders.