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The Good Stuff Pvt Ltd, previously known as Global CP Pvt Ltd, has established a new paradigm in enhancing consumer lifestyles. With a history enriched by affiliations with esteemed investment firms such as Goldman Sachs and Mitsui Ventures, the company has been a vanguard in the domain of quality. It has particularly distinguished itself through its acclaimed LuvIt Chocolate and confectionery offerings.

Focused relentlessly on customer satisfaction, The Good Stuff Pvt Ltd is differentiated by its commitment to provide innovative products that are excellent in quality.

The Dharampal Satyapal (DS) Group acquired The Good Stuff Pvt Ltd in the year 2022. Renowned as a leader in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, the DS Group‘s acquisition is a strategic move that bolsters its confectionery portfolio and extends its reach, particularly in Southern India. This acquisition not only marks a significant milestone for The Good Stuff Pvt Ltd but also paves the way for further innovation and excellence in consumer offerings. 

This partnership embodies a synergy of values between both companies, with a strong focus on innovation and quality. 

LuvIt presents an extensive array of chocolates and confectionery, crafted to whisk consumers away to a realm of chocolate bliss. The brand operates on the philosophy that the delight of a chocolate indulgence should be accessible whenever the craving strikes.

LuvIt Eclairs

Savor the taste of chocolate-filled eclairs that explode with flavour in every bite. Unique to India, they come in exotic flavours like hazelnut and dark chocolate.

LuvIt Smackers

Delicious lollipops that tickle your taste buds, available in an array of flavours from chocolaty delights to fruity sensations.

LuvIt Chocwich

Savor crispy wafers enveloped in decadent chocolate, a must-try for chocolate aficionados. Available in two delicious variants: White and Brown chocolate.

LuvIt Crème Pops

Savor the delightful crunch of a biscuit core, making these bite-sized poppers perfect for snacking or dessert garnishing.

LuvIt Crazy Pops

Button-shaped, colourfully vibrant pops house a rich chocolate core. Ideal for snacking or as whimsical toppings on cakes, cookies, and pastries.

LuvIt Choco Pops

Bite-sized balls filled with crunchy rice crispies and enveloped in luscious chocolate. These delightful snacks come in handy packs, perfect for on-the-go indulgence.

LuvIt Cocoism

Discover premium Belgian chocolates, handcrafted with exquisite ingredients for a unique, unforgettable chocolate journey in delectable flavours.

LuvIt Luscious

Indulge in luscious chocolates for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. These chocolates come in a unique tear drop shape and are available in 3 variants.

LuvIt Loca

Indulge in irresistible layers of caramel and nougat, all wrapped up in luscious chocolate. A true treat for the senses.

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