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The non-tobacco Pan Masala that redefined industry standards, Rajnigandha is the world’s largest selling premium Pan Masala.

A rich blend of select ingredients like Betel Nut, Catechu, Lime, Cardamom Seeds and added flavours have made Rajnigandha the first choice for millions who seek a rich and refreshing taste.

Rajnigandha - Non-Tobacco Pan Masala

Rajnigandha Meetha

Relish the sweeter moments of life with new Rajnigandha Meetha, new sweet Pan Masala from Rajnigandha. Perfect blend of precious ingredients and aromatic flavours including Dates, Supari, Katha, Lime and Cardamom. Enjoy the truly authentic Meetha Pan experience.

Navratan Pan Masala by DS Group

Rajnigandha Clove

Rajnigandha Clove is defined by its characteristic rich & intense flavour and vibrant notes of clove.

A product that epitomizes excellence in the category, Rajnigandha Clove offers a unique blend of taste and freshness, making it a preferred mouth freshener of true enthusiasts.

Rajnigandha Clove by DS Group

Tansen Supreme

High-quality, handpicked ingredients make Tansen Supreme a favourite amongst its patrons.

Elaichi, Kattha, Saffron and Supari are finely blended together to make this leading mouth freshener, Tansen Supreme.

Tansen Supreme by DS Group

Rajnigandha Saffron

Rajnigandha Saffron is a perfect blend of best handpicked saffron, exotic flavours, and precious ingredients, which offers the rich taste that a Rajnigandha connoisseur truly deserves.

At present, it comes in 2.5 g pouch packaging that is priced at Rs 10/-.

Rajnigandha Saffron Pan Masala


A Panmasala made from a blend of exquisite ingredients like Betelnut, Catechu, Lime and Cardamom seeds, Mastaba has a unique flavour and fragrance that energizes and refreshes.

Mastaba is placed at the semi-premium segment, targeting the value conscious customer offering dynamism of a quality product at a affordable price point.

Mastaba Pan Masala by DS Group

BABA Supari

Made with only the finest variety of betel nuts, BABA Supari has an unwavering customer base across the world.

Along with betel nuts, a blend of special flavours and spices, enhanced with a pure silver coating, gives BABA Supari a unique and exotic taste.

BABA Pan Masala by DS Group

BABA Black Supari

Finely cut crunchy betel nut blended with unique flavours, BABA Black Supari’s signature taste and aroma has long lasting effect.

A variant of our popular BABA Supari, BABA Black Supari is perfect for those seeking a freshener with a lasting taste.

BABA Black Supari by DS Group

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