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Tulsi Royal Khajoor Plus

Mouth freshener Re-invented! It is one of the unique innovation when a Khajoor has been offered in hygienic and superior form with attractive packaging.

Indulge in the ultimate mouth freshening experience with our premium quality dates coated with silver leaves and refreshing mint.

BABA Elaichi

Known for its refined taste, pleasing aroma and lasting flavour, BABA Elaichi has set new standards for others to emulate.

With green cardamom seeds handpicked from the finest orchards across India, BABA Elaichi’s special blend of flavours and spices, enhanced with a pure silver coating, enjoys patronage from consumers across the world.


FRU Juicy Jelly with its soft and chewy texture is a favourite amongst all age groups. This candy made from a variety of fruit pulps is a delectable delight in every bite.

FRU Jellies come in seven exotic flavours that have people craving for more. Pulp from fresh red strawberries, delicious mangoes, mouth watering guavas, fresh and tender mangoes and tangy oranges is extracted to make this extremely enjoyable candy.


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