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Singho Eco Lodge, Tinsukia

The ‘Singpho Eco Lodge’ was constructed in 2009 by the Singpho community with assistance from the DSL in Inthong village, Magherita. This project was undertaken by the DSL to generate employment for the Singpho tribal community to make them self-reliant and financially independent.

SOS Children Village Program, Guwahati

DS Sons Private Limited, supports 4 SOS Children’s Village homes in Guwahati. The Village has 16 homes with each home having around 8-10 orphans or abandoned children. Children of different ages and background live together as a family. Not only shelter, the project emphasizes on all round development of children including the education, nutrition, health and physiological development. 43 children of these four homes have been enrolled into formal schools and are doing well in studies as well as extra-curricular activities.