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Chairman And Voice Chairman of DS Group Chairman And Voice Chairman of DS Group

Chairman &
Vice Chairman

Our Group stands as a beacon of leadership with our distinguished Chairman and Vice Chairman at the helm. Entrusted with steering the organization through dynamic markets, ever evolving categories, and strategic decisions, they are visionary forces guiding the Group towards new horizons, shaping its corporate trajectory with unwavering commitment.

Mr. Ravinder Kumar - Chairman, DS Group
Mr. Ravinder Kumar
Chairman, DS Group

Mr. Ravinder Kumar, Chairman of DS Group, is a visionary business leader and an astute entrepreneur with an experience of over 40 years. The DS Group is a multi-business conglomerate with a strong Indian and international presence.

Drawing a varied experience in the country’s FMCG landscape, Mr. Kumar has played a central role in defining DS Group's overall strategy and guiding its course, thereby employing his strong management expertise in the strategic growth of the organization. In his current position, he is responsible for laying out the brand's core principles and charting a path forward, with a specific emphasis on elevating the customer journey and ensuring a remarkable ownership experience.

Under Mr. Kumar’s leadership, the conglomerate has grown manifolds. His innate adeptness consumer needs empowered the DS Group to introduce market-demanded products tailored to those needs. Mr. Kumar’s foresightedness, strategic vision, eye for detail, and prowess over quality have enabled the DS Group to stay ahead of the competition. A charismatic and inspiring leader, he is known for his unwavering commitment to excellence. So much so, that Mr Kumar has an impeccable sense of olfaction. Taking after his father, he has mastered flavors and fragrances, and his ability to identify quality ingredients is phenomenal.

From the start, he possessed a natural aptitude for business. At a young age, he was exposed to the world of business and started honing his skills. As the eldest son, Mr. Kumar has taken charge of steering the foundation for this organization's growth and development and keeping the legacy alive.

In addition to his work in the FMCG industry, Mr. Kumar is strongly inclined towards nature, and its beauty and is a strong supporter of naturopathy. As a nature aficionado, he often spends time on the plantations, trying to attain knowledge and improve wherever possible. He believes that nature teaches you to observe, reflect, and introspect.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar - Vice Chairman, DS Group
Mr. Rajiv Kumar
Vice Chairman, DS Group

Mr Rajiv Kumar, the Vice Chairman of the DS Group, possesses an extensive experience of 4 decades in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry and has played a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of the organization. With a deep understanding of consumer preferences, Mr Kumar has laid the foundation for several innovative brands that have positioned the Group as a leading player in the FMCG sector.

A third-generation entrepreneur, Mr Kumar holds a degree in Commerce from Delhi University and joined the family business while pursuing graduation. Training under the able leadership of his father & founder, Mr. Satyapal Sugandhi, and older brother, the Chairman of DS Group, Mr Ravinder Kumar, he has diligently carried forward the legacy, principles, and benchmarks set by the Founders.

As the driving force behind the Group's diversification efforts, Mr Kumar has spearheaded successful ventures in various categories such as Food & Beverage, Mouth Freshener, Confectionery, Agri-Business, and other investments. His adept strategic acumen in sales and marketing has played a pivotal role in propelling numerous brands to exponential growth. His proficiency spans across branding, packaging, and the nuances of marketing. He conceived the comprehensive identity for the DS Group, showcasing his ability to craft a unified image for the diverse business portfolio and establish a cohesive identity for the entire Group. In 1986, he joined the company and led the establishment of the first manufacturing facility in Barotiwala, Himachal Pradesh, extending the company's influence beyond the Delhi NCR region. With a visionary approach, he played a key role in setting up multiple manufacturing facilities nationwide. Under his leadership, the formerly non-diversified tobacco entity evolved into a diverse group engaged in confectionery, food, hospitality, and agriculture, highlighting his remarkable vision and capacity to elevate the DS Group to unprecedented heights. He has been instrumental in taking the DS Group from a modest revenue to a several billion-dollar company in four decades.

Way back in the ‘80s, Mr Kumar had already set his eyes on building a robust distribution network to ensure better reach of the products in India, and today the organization has an enviable distribution network of over 10 million outlets across the length and breadth of the country. He has played a pivotal role in creating several brands that have become household names in India like Rajnigandha, Pulse, Catch, Silver Pearls and Pass Pass.

His passion for nature has fuelled a strong commitment to sustainability. Spearheading green initiatives at the Group level, he aligns them with business, social, and environmental goals. His dedication extends to circular economy principles, ensuring the Group's growth is synonymous with eco-conscious practices.

Mr. Kumar, a perfectionist by nature, champions cultural ethics and upholds the values of Quality and Innovation, which define the DS Group's philosophy. He instills a strong professional and progressive culture in the business environment while cherishing the sacredness and worthiness of work.

Besides his business acumen, Mr Kumar is an avid collector with interests ranging from art to coins and stamps. He possesses a deep appreciation for art, and culture with a fascination for exceptional architecture and design. He has only added to his father’s collection of yesteryears, which inspired the creation of an experiential corporate museum called "THE JOURNEY," which beautifully showcases the long history of the DS Group.

Mr Kumar also strongly believes in giving back to society and is associated with numerous philanthropic activities. Mr Rajiv Kumar firmly believes in the power of gratitude and follows the principle that "Gratitude reciprocates," whether towards family, stakeholders, or the environment.