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DS Group entered the food and beverage industry in 1987 with the launch of Catch salt and pepper table top dispensers. In 1999, the group launched Catch Natural Spring Water, India's first ever bottled spring water. This was followed by a fine collection of beverages, including Catch Clear, Catch Spring, Catch Club Soda, and Catch Indian Tonic Water.

In 2000, Catch entered the arena of kitchen spices with an exquisite assortment of basic spices and blends. Manufactured at its modern, high-tech units located in Kullu and Noida, the Catch brand is commended for its superior quality.

Catch Spices offers an enviable range of straight, whole, and blended spices for Indian dishes, along with a variety of sprinklers. Catch Spices are rich in aroma and freshness and adhere to the highest quality standards, which involve the finest processes of production, packaging, and delivery to customers. Catch Spices are pure, with no artificial colors or fillers added.

Catch Spices are a favorite of Indian housewives and are also preferred by star hotels and caterers. Quality is a byword for Catch Spices, which is ensured through rigorous quality control procedures, right from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and packaging of the finished products.

An in-house R&D and quality facility constantly works towards improving the manufacturing process and developing better formulations to ensure that consumers always get the best. Catch Spices employs the Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) process for grinding the spices, which is an indigenous manufacturing technique to retain the flavor and aroma of spices in their original state.

Catch Fresh Grind, a range of six interesting flavors, is an addition to the table top category of Catch Salts & Spices. Catch Fresh Grind has a long-lasting, ceramic head for even grinding of fresh, flavorful spices. Generous use of the signature salts and spices range, which is created from a fusion of versatile and pure spices, delicately enhances the flavor of the dish to create culinary masterpieces. The range includes six variants: Black Pepper, Crystal Rock Salt, Magic Masala, Pink Rock Salt, Italian Seasoning, and Black Salt.

DS Group's commitment to quality and innovation has made it a leading player in the Indian food and beverage industry. The group's diverse portfolio of products caters to the needs of a wide range of consumers, from budget-conscious shoppers to luxury seekers. With its focus on quality, taste, and convenience, DS Group is poised to continue its growth trajectory in the years to come.

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