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Tansen Supreme

High-quality, handpicked ingredients make Tansen Supreme a favourite amongst its patrons.

Elaichi, Kattha, Saffron and Supari are finely blended together to make this leading mouth freshener, Tansen Supreme.


A Panmasala made from a blend of exquisite ingredients like Betelnut, Catechu, Lime and Cardamom seeds, Mastaba has a unique flavour and fragrance that energizes and refreshes.

Mastaba is placed at the semi-premium segment, targeting the value conscious customer offering dynamism of a quality product at a affordable price point.

BABA Supari

Made with only the finest variety of betel nuts, BABA Supari has an unwavering customer base across the world.

Along with betel nuts, a blend of special flavours and spices, enhanced with a pure silver coating, gives BABA Supari a unique and exotic taste.

BABA Black Supari

Finely cut crunchy betel nut blended with unique flavours, BABA Black Supari’s signature taste and aroma has long lasting effect.

A variant of our popular BABA Supari, BABA Black Supari is perfect for those seeking a freshener with a lasting taste.

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