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The DS Group acquires waste, semi-arid and fallow lands to grow medicinal and aromatic plants using modern technology to meet the company's captive requirements.

The Company has successfully regenerated one of the endangered forest species, 'Sandalwood' in Central India and has established the largest Sandalwood plantation as an Agro-forestry model in India.

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The Group has also been the first to cultivate horticultural crops as “HOST CROP” of Sandalwood in the non-conventional regions of Madhya Pradesh and is focusing on water harvesting & conservation to raise the water table in the area.

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The DS Group ventured into the Hydroponics, a sustainable food security business, in 2015. Hydroponics, a subset of hydro-culture, is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water.

Plants are grown with their roots in a highly-absorbent inert medium such as perlite, rockwool or cocopeat as a seed base. In a closed environment (Green house), the pH, carbon dioxide and nutrients levels are managed to make sure plants are getting the exact nutrients they need.

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Ultra-modern fully climatic controlled retractable greenhouses and a glass green house with Dutch technology have been set up in by the group for growing variety of exotic crops, vegetables and flowers in specially blended growing medium. These green houses are fully automated and weather controlled to control and optimize temperature, humidity, EC/PH, optimal timing for irrigation and many more parameters to create an ideal growing environment for the various fruits and vegetables. This is an essential practice for precision hydroponics where each crop in the respective greenhouse chamber gets an ideal climate condition and nutrition to give consistent, healthy and high yield. The nutrient rich crops are suitable for pluck and eat.

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