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Madhya Pradesh

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Rejuvenation of Community Ponds, Chhatarpur

The Bundelkhand region is hard hit by water scarcity and long-time drought due to low rainfall and is considered a semi-arid zone. DSL has partnered with Haritrika, for the Rejuvenation of Community Ponds of Jakhron and Bijaypur villages of Bijawar block of Chhatarpur district to improve groundwater levels through recharge and restoration and also promote water-efficient farming practices.

The project benefits around 2000 marginalized populations, whose main source of livelihood is agriculture and cattle rearing.

The sustained effort for long term benefit continues as the company is constructing a new community pond with the storage capacity of around 9 lakh cubic meter???. It is expected to benefit 5000 people and will also result in double cropping inmore than 200 hectare land , will come under double cropping.

Construction of Stop Dam, Jhabua

DSL in partnership with Arpan Seva Sansthan has constructed a Stop Dam at Gopalpura village of Meghnagar block in Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh. The area is known for its scarcity of water. The project has benefited around 200 families, whose livelihood depends on agriculture and has also made potable water available.

Rejuvenation of Community Ponds, Khandwa

DSL has partnered Arpan Seva Sansthan rejuvenated community ponds in Barudchhaigaonmakhan block of the Khandwa district, Madhya Pradesh. The project aims to improve groundwater level through recharge and restoration and also promotes water efficient farming practices for around 350 families.

Adharshila School, Sheopur

DSL is supporting Adharshila Shiksha Samiti to run a Sr. Secondary School for Sahariya Tribes in a remote part of Sheopur district in Madhya Pradesh. The school is providing quality education and preparing around 220 students for higher education.

The school was started to empower the next generation of tribal communities that were resettled outside the Kuno Wild Life Sanctuary. In past, the group supported 10 Satellite Resource Centres to create a pool of first-level learners from the Seheriya tribal community. A total no. of 488 students were enrolled and supported under this project.


This centre operated in the Adharshila a school in the Agara village of Sheopur. More than 40 children from tribal communities who are part of Saamya. These tribal communities were resettled from the resourceful Kuno Wild Life Sanctuary in 2000 to unproductive land, just outside the forest areas. Through this centre, we aim to provide learning based experiences to children to impoverished communities affected by displacement from the Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary.