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Pass Pass

Pass Pass is the mouth freshener that always charms with its taste and fragrance, encouraging a lively conversation anytime, anywhere.

Since its inception, Pass Pass has encouraged consumers to experience the joy of togetherness. With its delectable blend of ingredients and flavours coming together, this brand inspires togetherness and has built an equity as India's preferred after mint.

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From the sweet, cooling taste of Mishri and Khajoor to the aromatic and tasteful zest of Saunf and Elaichi, Pass Pass successfully combines India’s choicest delights for a mouth-watering experience that is truly worth savouring.

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Flavours available in Pass Pass mouth Freshener

Pass Pass Chingles

A refreshing taste of a Chewing gum that brings a wave of freshness every time. A perfect pocket size companion for a long lasting freshness that goes on and on, Chingles Maxi packs a punch unlike any other with its Mint and Tutti- Frutti flavours. Chingles Filz, is the centre filled chewing gum for an extra dose of refreshing mint taste.

Pass Pass Pulse

The hard-boiled candy with a tangy twist, Pulse has become a national favourite with exceptional fruit flavours combined with a tangy core that’s driving consumers to love it.

Each flavour has the burst of tanginess, a mouth full of fun and peculiarity that is alluring. A category breaker in the hard-boiled candy segment Pulse is a different experience that begins with the taste of fruity flavour and peaks with a tangy surprise. Pulse candy is available in 5 mouth-watering variants - Kachcha Aam, Guava, Orange, Pineapple and Litchi.

The bite sized Pulse shots are round shot candies in the popular kachcha aam flavour with a tangy centre fill.


Rajnigandha Pearls

Handpicked cardamom, choicest saffron, coated in pure Silver leaves is what makes Rajnigandha Pearls a discernable after mint. A rich blend of freshness that delights the palate with its aromatic flavour, Rajnigandha Pearls make a delightful companion at all times.

Anushka Sharma holding Rajnigandha Silver Pearls

Tulsi Royal Khajoor Plus

The health benefits of Khajoor convene with irresistible blend of gum arabic, silver leaves and sweeteners to make this unique freshener.

Tulsi Royal Khajoor Plus is made from handpicked premium quality dates coated with pure silver leaves.

BABA Elaichi

Known for its refined taste, pleasing aroma and lasting flavour, BABA Elaichi has set new standards for others to emulate.

With green cardamom seeds handpicked from the finest orchards across India, BABA Elaichi’s special blend of flavours and spices, enhanced with a pure silver coating, enjoys patronage from consumers across the world.


FRU Juicy Jelly with its soft and chewy texture is a favourite amongst all age groups. This candy made from a variety of fruit pulps is a delectable delight in every bite.

FRU Jellies come in seven exotic flavours that have people craving for more. Pulp from fresh red strawberries, delicious mangoes, mouth watering guavas, fresh and tender mangoes and tangy oranges is extracted to make this extremely enjoyable candy.



Maze is a delightful liquid filled candy that has a crunchy Caramel crust packed with taste of real coffee inside. The hard boiled candy has richness of roasted coffee in a smooth liquid core enclosed in a crusty Caramel shell; a play of a delicious harmony of the bitter and sweet taste. Maze is available in Rs. 1 pillow pack.