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, 18 Feb 2020
Chingles ‘Maxi’ chewing gum launched

- Enjoy the refreshing flavour of Chingles for a longer time with 'Maxi' -

The popular mini chewing gum brand Chingles, from the DS Group, launches Chingles Maxi; the new bigger avatar, for a longlasting refreshing taste. Chingels Maxi is available in 2.4 gm size and has been launched in exciting Mint and Tutti Frutti flavours that comes in a pillow pack at Rs 1. Chingle Maxi offers a splash of mint freshness and tutti frutti, a fruit based flavour that enlivens the pallet and gives lasting freshness for a wholesome experience. The brand carries the philosophy of the mother brand Pass Pass ‘Chingles’, which is positioned as a brand full of life and laughter that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Now the consumers can enjoy the flavour of Chingles and get refreshed the maxi way. ‘Chingles Maxi’ will leverage the robust distribution channel of DS Group, which ranges from pan plus outlets to the modern retail.

The DS Group entered the Confectionary business in 2012 with 'Pass Pass Chingles', the mini chewing gums. The current portfolio of fun-filled 'Chingles', includes Mint, Cola and Tutti Frutti flavours that are available in Rs. 1 sachets. The Group ventured into the hard boiled candy segment in 2015 with Pulse, the Kachcha Aam flavoured hard boiled candy, with a tangy twist. Pulse Guava , Pulse Orange, Pulse Pineapple and Pulse Litchi followed soon after the grand success of Pulse Kachcha Aam; all with a tangy core to render a perfect flavor combination. Today Pulse is the number one brand in the Hard Boiled candy segment for three consecutive years.

About DS Group: Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group) is a rapidly growing multi-diversified conglomerate, with a strong presence in F&B, Hospitality, Mouth Fresheners, Tobacco, Packaging and Agro forestry. The Group has strengthened its presence in F&B category by entering in Dairy and Confectionary segment. The DS Group is committed towards premium quality products and credited with several innovations for nine decades.

Catch Spices, Catch Spring water, Catch flavoured water, Chingles-the mini chewing gums, Ksheer, Dairymax, Tulsi, Pass Pass, Rajnigandha, Rajnigandha Pearls, Pulse, The Manu Maharani and Namah are some of the leading brands, the Group proudly shelters today.

The DS Group has chosen to mesh their social commitment into business vision. The Company has been working all over the country, on a wide range of CSR programmes with ‘Water’ as the mainstay. The Group works strongly on the principles of integrity, dedication, resourcefulness and commitment.