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Agriculture Today, 03 Feb 2020

Natures Miracle. Raising Food, The Hydroponic Way

The vision to always innovate and adapt to the furure needs of our customers and the compelling need to grow vegetables in a pollution free and sustainable environment led to the genesis of Natures' Miracle. The vision inspired them to travel, research and train with the world's leading authority in hydroponics in the Netherlands. The rising pollution levels in air, soil, and water in India, necessitated development of safe and sustainable food growing practices. The 2-hectare glasshouse complex at Nature's Miracle at Greater Noida farm is the example of their commitment to create and promote healthy living through healthy eating. "Since our inception in 2016, the team at Nature's Miracle is constantly honing its skills at optimized farming in Indian conditions. This involves constantly synchronizing the traditional Indian know-how about agriculture and the highly advanced technology developed by the Dutch. Our wellqualified team of agriculturists, who have undergone expert training in the Netherlands, are in-charge of all growing activities at our all glass greenhouse, growing nutritious and delicious fruits and veggies in a fully automated environment enhanced by their watchful eyes," says Mr. Ravi Kumar, Co-Founder Nature's Miracle.