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Catch Salts & Spices

Catch Spices were launched with the promise of matchless quality and taste to delight the gastronomic experience of connoisseurs and customers alike.

After more than three decades of delivering excellence with revolutionary innovations like the tabletop dispenser, the brand today is a preferred choice amongst housewives and chefs; and is a staple in kitchens across the country.

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Catch spices offers an enviable range of whole, pure and blended spices, sprinklers and pastes; across eight categories with about 131 variants and 263 SKUs. The spices are rich in aroma, preferred for freshness and adhere to the highest quality standards, which involve the best processes of production, packaging and delivery to the customers. Catch spices made its debut in 1987 with a launch of table top salt dispenser, followed by the launch of kitchen range of spices in 2000.

Known for their purity, the Straights, Straight premium, Whole and Ground spices are as popular as the blends for being great taste enhancers. Some of the popular blends like Sabzi Masala, Biryani Masala, Garam masala, Kitchen King, etc. have been performing well with their formulations and regional twists. Catch Hing is particularly known for its intense aroma that gives a unique taste to the dish.

Catch table top sprinkler continues to be the undisputed leader in the category. Available in an attractive packaging, the 6 variants consisting of Table Salt, Black Pepper, Chat Masala, Black Salt, Sendha Namak and Dahi Masala are handy and a delight to use. The one time use dispensers, not only keeps the product dry to ensure smooth sprinkling, it also prevents misuse due to duplication thus making sure that the product quality and hygiene are maintained. A convenient and preferable option, Catch sprinklers have become a synonym for table top dispensers in the seasoning segment.

A perfect blend of herbs and spices, the Catch’s Grinders range comprising of Black Pepper, Crystal Rock Salt, Magic Masala, Pink Rock Salt, Italian Seasoning and Black Salt; create an aroma magic by adding the right flavor and taste to the dishes. The refillable grinders in premium packaging are plastic free and have a long lasting ‘Ceramic head’, that ensures smooth and effortless grinding of the spices. An even grinding of salt and spices add fineness and level seasoning to the gastronomic creations.

Catch Spices are pure with no artificial colours or fillers added to it. Made using unique state-of-the-art Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) technology to prevent evaporation of oils and help retain the spices’ authentic aroma. Further, the spices are packed in food grade metal-lined cartons, flexible laminates, convenient composite cans and ceramic grinders; to keep the aroma intact.

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DS Group Catch Spices & Salts - Best Masala

Catch Pastes

Catch Pastes give the consumers an option of four different variants to choose from, depending upon the cooking needs. Ginger Garlic Paste, Ginger Paste, Garlic Paste and Tamarind Paste enhance the taste of the dishes to make them more delectable and appetizing.

The aroma of Catch ‘Ginger Garlic Paste’ and its outstanding flavour adds to the palatability of the dishes & curries and it is a frequently used ingredient for cooking in Indian kitchens. Catch Tamarind Paste has been developed for consumers who like their dish to have a tangy taste, but have limited time and access to fresh tamarind.

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Keeping consumer preferences in mind, Catch ‘Ginger paste’ has been created for people, who do not use garlic in preparation of food and the Catch ‘Garlic paste’ services others, who require just garlic as a taste enhancer, whereas the Tamarind Paste has a grainy texture that ensures a perfect consistency for gravies.

The ready-to-use Pastes not only cut down the food preparation time, but also blends seamlessly with the dish to render an extraordinary taste. These come in an easy-to-use and easy-to-store spouted pack.

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Catch Ginger and Garlic Paste

Kewal Spices

Kewal spices, a new range of spices was launched to cater to the growing popular segment of price conscious consumers.

With a unique name and attractive packaging, Kewal spices comprise of quality ingredients. The brand comes with the key promise of purity and traditional taste.

The current portfolio of Kewal spices consists of Turmeric, Chilli, Coriander, Jeera powder and the blends, which include Garam Masala, Sabzi Masala, Chhole Masala, Meat Masala and Chicken Masala.

Kewal Spices

Catch Leaves

A revolution in the category, ‘Catch’’ introduced the first ever mechanized beaten silver and gold leaves in India.

Hygienically produced and 100% vegetarian, Catch Silver and Gold leaves are available in booklet shapes of 8 different sizes and are packed in airtight bags to avoid environmental damage.

Catch Silver and Gold Leaves

Not Just Nuts

Not Just Nuts is a range of healthy snacking options, of nuts that are not just delicious but come with added benefits of being Gluten-free, Natural and Preservative-free. These are Protein-rich snacks that are available in salted and masala variants. Not Just Nuts’ salted variants in Peanuts, Roasted Cashews and Roasted Almonds come with the goodness of rock salt that has essential minerals required by the body. The Peanuts and Cashews are also available in the masala variant with the special Dilli 6 masala, making them flavoursome and delicious. These healthy and crunchy snacks give instant energy and uplifts the mood immediately.

Not Just Nuts

Pulse Natkaare

Pulse Candy has expanded its portfolio by entering into the snack segment with, ‘Pulse Natkaare’. Pulse Natkaare, the on-the-go snack comes in two exciting variants ‘Pulse Natkaare Peanuts’ and ‘Pulse Natkaare Chana Jor’ with a tangy twist. Pulse Natkaare, promise to deliver a unique snacking experience for the consumers that will bring back nostalgia of the tangy Pulse candy.

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Pulse Natkaare has a lip-smacking combination of ingredients that makes them enjoyable to make the conventional peanuts and chickpeas a delightful snacks. The Pulse tangy twist has been captured suitably in its tagline as well, ‘Pulse Ka Chatkara Ab Natkaare Mein’.

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Pulse Natkaare

Snack Factory

Snack Factory is an exciting new brand that offers delightfully delicious snacks with innovative flavours. Every ingredient used in the snacks are carefully selected to make the snacking experience special.

Snack Factory - Delightful Delicious Snacks


Ksheer dairy products

Ensuring quality and freshness in every drop, Ksheer dairy products are renowned for their purity, taste and range of health benefits.

Ksheer Dairy Products strives to spread good health across the nation by sourcing best quality milk directly from local farmers and processed in world-class facility at Reengus, Rajasthan.

Ksheer means ‘milk’ in Sanskrit and is derived from ‘Ksheer Sagar’- the mythical ocean of milk and the abode of Lord Vishnu that signifies purity and quality.

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The DS Group ventured into the Dairy business by acquiring the state-of-the-art Dairy Plant at Reengus, near Jaipur, Rajasthan. This Dairy Plant is spread over an area of 10.2 acres and can process approximately 6 lakh litres of milk per day. With highest quality and process certifications from FSSC: 22000:2013, Agmark, BIS, FSSAI, export inspection agency Govt. of India etc., the plant at Reengus conforms to the highest sanitary and hygiene standards. To further ensure the freshness, immediately after collection, the milk is chilled and is brought to the plants in tankers.

A second plant was acquired and made operational in Udaipur Rajasthan. This plant has a capacity to process up to 2 lakh litres of milk per day.

The current product basket under Ksheer brand contains UHT Milk, Cow & Desi Ghee, Fresh Milk, Chach, Masala Chach, Dahi, Paneer, Khoya, Flavoured milk, Dairy Whitener and Sweet Lassi.

Dairymax skimmed milk powder (SMP) caters primarily to mass consumers and B2B customers and was the first brand marketed by the company.

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