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New Delhi, 09 Feb 2023

DS Group Supporting IAF’s Sustainability Programme

The India Art Fair (IAF) is a leading platform for contemporary and modern art in South Asia. Taking place annually in the capital city of New Delhi, the fair brings together artists, galleries and partners to showcase the best in visual art. This year, the IAF is scheduled for February 9th to 12th, 2023. In an effort to promote sustainability, the IAF has partnered with the DS Group, a multi-business corporation and one of the leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) conglomerates based in Noida, to take tangible steps to show and experience art in an eco-friendly way: This partnership aligns with the DS Group's larger vision of sustainable development and growing green initiatives.

Highlights of the DS Group's sustainability initiatives for IAF 2023 include:

Water Conservation
The organisation is supporting various steps to minimize plastic waste and conserve water at the IAF. For instance-

  • Industrial-sized water refilling stations are installed at strategic locations to encourage fair visitors, partners, and exhibitors to refill their bottles and reduce the number of disposable plastic glasses and bottles used at the event.
  • F&B partners have been provided access to dishwashers to encourage the use of reusable serving utensils and materials.
  • Lanyards and accreditation badges are made from natural cork wood, replacing harmful PVC materials.

Waste Reduction
Physical events like art fairs are also known to generate a lot of waste. Here are the steps taken at IAF 2023 to reduce waste generation-

  • Like recent years, the IAF has rented the base materials and foundation used for exhibits, booth walls, and wooden platforming.
  • After the event, the tent facade of the fair will be sent to a processing unit where it’ll be repurposed into urban shelter roofs and a host of upcycle products.
  • A waste management system is deployed for proper waste segregation and disposal.
  • The organisation also supports the supply of lead-free, VoC-free, and eco-friendly paints to reduce water and soil pollution.

Carbon Footprint Reduction
DS Group and IAF are also working towards reducing the carbon footprint of the event. Some of the initiatives in this direction are as follows-

  • Like IAF 2022, IAF 2023 has issued digital tickets and passes to reduce paper usage. Visitors won’t be required to print the tickets.
  • While most such fairs use flex for signage and branding, DS Group is supporting canvas and fabric printing for IAF 2023.
  • To help people become more climate-conscious, the organisation also supports the supply of 10,000 visitor guides on biodegradable seed paper, which can be planted in soil.

IAF and DS Group: Working Towards a Sustainable Future
As one of the leading art fairs in the country, IAF influences the art trends in the nation. With DS Group as its sustainability partner, IAF 2023 will pave the path for physical events that are more environmentally and climate-friendly.

The event will also encourage thousands of visitors to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle that can contribute towards making Earth cleaner and greener.