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Focus Corporate Museum, 02 Jan 2023

The Journey

A multi-business corporation, the DS Group is one of the leading FMCG conglomerate with a strong Indian and international presence. Founded in the year 1929, it is an inspiring and successful business story that blends a remarkable history and legacy with visionary growth.

An experiential museum, The Journey is an artistic representation of the DS Group’s very essence and identity.Success is a journey, not a destination....and a glimpse of this journey has been depicted in the state of the art museum titled 'THE JOURNEY’.

'THE JOURNEY’ is more than a museum. It is a multidimensional, multimedia spatial experience spread over almost 10,000 square feet showcasing the DS Group and its origin, present and future. The Journey covers the largest art and design palette possible, making it not just a visual delight but a complete immersive sensorial experience.

The core values of the Group's business and corporate ethos commences as one first enters the Enchanted Forest. This is where the journey of the Group began - sugandh - in the world of aromas and fragrances. As one walks the winding path in the forest, one hears birds softly chirping, the breeze rustling the leaves, a light mist sprays the air above as one gets to know the trees and flowers that bestow those heavenly smells.

The path from the forest then leads into the laboratory and office of the visionary alchemist and entrepreneur, Shri Satyapal. In sight is his life-like self (Statue) at his original workplaces and the visitors are welcomed into the museum by his able inheritors, his sons Mr. Ravinder Kumar, Chairman and Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman.

Chandni Chowk of Delhi is where the roots of the group lie and one finds oneself in a re-creation of that time and space as one enters the next zone of the museum. Here the sights and sounds of that colourful enclave in the Capital draw the visitors into a world that is most precious. It is the narrative of the origins, the drama of the setbacks and tribulations which gave the founding fathers - Lala Dharampal and Shri Satyapal: after whom the group is named, the strength, courage and fortitude and forge ahead. Elements of theatre, the movies, hand-painted art married to contemporary technology showcases the history of the Group in a compelling story.

From this show, one moves through a picture corridor with snippets from the past into a 360* projected film or a cyclorama showcasing the continuing narrative of the journey. Presented here are the ideals and aspirations; the move to be leaders in quality, innovation and enterprise.

In high-definition video and surround sound that moves and pulsates all around, transported on the wings of a song as the visitors move along on the journey.

The Journey moves next to the present time. Representational art installations narrate the new stories; give the glimpse of the latest, in an ambience of muted power. In this zone of the museum, the Group's products and brands are appealingly displayed in large glass cubes where graphic art, technology and engineering combine in a form and function to give the visitors an entry into the doorway of the future, poised to leap towards further progress.

“The journey is our tribute to our founders and their fascinating Journey of steadfast principles and unmatched business acumen. The Journey that stared at the turn of millennium and spanned the length of entire 20th century. It has been a labour of love that has taken more than a decade to research the archives and to travel far and wide to collect the material and of course a delightful decade of meeting many people who were touched by the lives of Shri Dharampal Ji and Shri Satyapal Ji”, said Mr. Ravinder Kumar and Mr Rajiv Kumar.

This is the world of DS Group, an organisation which strongly believes in value systems and respect for history. To pay homage and gratitude to their founders, this state of the art museum with global standards is one of its kind in Indian Corporate scenario and a must visit.