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Spring Recharge and Rejuvenation, Nainital

DSL in partnership with Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (CHIRAG) has undertaken a project to revive 65 springs in Dhari block of Nainital district, Uttarakhand. Springs, the primary source of water of the region have been drying up due to increased water demand, changing land use patterns, ecological degradation and erratic precipitation trends. The project involves hydro geological study of various springs, conservation of recharging zone, revival of spring outlet and building community institutions to sustain the intervention.

Project BELA, Badrinath

A pilot project, BELA has been rolled out by Samvriddhi Foundation with the support of DS Spiceco to provide a sustainable livelihood option for the women of Bamni Badrinath village, who earn their living by making tulsi garlands for offerings. The pandemic has disrupted their livelihood as pilgrimages have stopped. BELA is providing an online platform to the affected women of SHGs. The devotees offer garland to lord Badrinath by making online payment and after the puja, the prasad including the garland is couriered to the devotes.

Construction of Hostel for Differently Abled Children, Haldwani

DS Spiceco limited is supporting the National Association for the Blind for construction of Boys Hostel for 06 to 14 years visually challenged children at NAB residential resource and vocational training centre in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. NAB runs a number of programs that range from providing Integrated education and Vocational Training to visually impaired children and adults, to designing certifiable courses and recording audio books for visually impaired people to re-integrate them into regular life.