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Himachal Pradesh

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Spring Recharge and Rejuvenation, Kullu

The project on revival of Springs in Himalayan regions, has been undertaken by Dharampal Premchand Limited in partnership with Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (CHIRAG). Springs, the primary source of water of the region have been drying up due to increased water demand, changing land use patterns, ecological degradation and erratic precipitation trends. 10 such springs have been revived in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh under this initiative, thorough research and multi-faceted activities.

More than 1500 habitants are directly benefitted due to availability of additional water for drinking and agriculture.

Ensuring Sustainable Livelihoods in Spiti

The DS Group in partnership with MUSE is implementing a project ‘Ensuring sustainable livelihood through access to water, nutrition and clean energy’ with an aim to facilitate sustainable livelihood options for marginalized communities living in Spiti valley by setting up improved greenhouses for vegetable cultivation, construction water harvesting structures like trenches check dams etc. to improve recharging of ground water, creation of artificial glacier establishing solar rooms and other interventional support.