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DS Group in News, 04 Nov 2022
Pulse launches ‘Pulse Candy Hunt,’ a celebratory digital campaign on the Candy Day

New Delhi, Delhi, India
DS Group’s Pass Pass Pulse, India’s favourite fruit candy with a tangy twist has launched a stimulating digital campaign, ‘Pulse Candy Hunt’ on the Candy Day on 4th November. Taking an Augmented Reality approach, Pulse Candy Hunt allows users to enjoy a fun candy treasure hunt on Snapchat & Instagram. By switching on the their rear camera on lens/filter, the users need to look and spot different flavours of Pulse candy in their own 360 degree real-time environment and then tap the candy to bag it. The final score of bagged candies in 20 seconds can be discovered by switching to their front camera. As a bonus, a prompt urges the users to open the mouth and a Pulse candy drops in, triggering a Chatkara Pop sound effect and a visual experience of the tangy burst of Pulse candy, triggering a change in players facial expression on the screen; like the widening of eyes and arching of eyebrows, followed by a candy celebratory bursting animation sequence behind and the final score showing at the bottom centre of the screen.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Arvind Kumar, General Manager - Marketing, Dharampal Satyapal Foods Ltd. said, “We are thankful to our consumers for making Pulse a leader in hard boiled candy segment for last 5 years and therefore, Candy Day is very special to us. We celebrate it with Pulse lovers by playing innovative fun games in a digital world full of Pulse candy, amusement and rewards. The AR reality with vibrant graphics, sounds and personal surroundings leads to stimulated consumer interaction. This is a unique integrated digital campaign on the popular social media platforms that resonate with our TG.”